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    VentusMC is a brand new faction server with an experienced staff team delivering you the best factions experience. We're using a dedicated server host to keep you completely immersed in your gameplay without lag. Our anticheat and DDOS protection make sure your fun isn't ruined by cheaters. The server includes mob bosses that drop custom loot. We have custom enchants with three levels of rarity and 1.8 combat. With many other basic add-ons like mcmmo, player vaults, silk touch spawners, economy, custom crates for each rank, and many more things to enhance your experience. Starting very soon there will be Faction top rewards with paypal payouts for First and second place with vouchers to buy
    craft store.

    - Experienced Staff

    - Dedicated Server with No Lag

    - DDOS Protection

    - Advanced Anticheat

    - Mob Bosses with Custom Loot

    - Custom Enchants

    - MCMMO

    - Silk Touch Spawners

    - Custom Crates

    - 1.8 Combat

    - Mob Stacker

    - Player Vaults

    - Obsidian Breaker

    & More
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